Swiss Federation of Adult Learning (SVEB)

The Swiss Federation of Adult Learning (SVEB) is the umbrella organization of adult education and lifelong learning in Switzerland. It is  a non governemental organisation, which represents nationwide private and state institutions, associations, representatives responsible for adult education on a cantonal level, institutions, in-house training departments and personnel managers. It also extends its reach to individuals who are active in adult education (lifelong learning).

SVEB promotes cooperation among adult learning institutions, raises public awareness for lifelong learning and supports its members in their activities.

In Switzerland over two million people participate in adult education programs every year.  On the one hand SVEB helps people using adult learning facilities by continuously supporting new and innovative projects in the field of adult learning and by ensuring a high quality standard. SVEB also aims to inspire people to accept lifelong learning as a way to promote personal and social betterment by enabling them to choose from the wide range of educational opportunities to discover their capabilities and to use them to their best advantage.

Most importantly, SVEB has a longstanding commitment for improving and sustaining the high level of educational standard within Switzerland. This means it supports institutions, communities and its cantons to create optimal conditions to reach high quality adult education nationwide.

For that, SVEB will be actively involved as a “silent partner”.


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