Taking EduPlan forward

The main workpackage of the project was to develop, test, qualify an instrument for measuring quality assurance of projects and to establish it for specific target-groups. This took place in 3 pilotings as a main task of all partners in the project. The ascertained dates had to be visualized and each of them adapted.

For further use and test (reshape) of this tool two more years are now foreseen, started by the 1st of March 2013 until the 28th of February 2015.

For this period the consortial-team gets the opportunity to use this instrument. Hereunto a consortial-contract has to be signed from all partners; head of consortium will be the LMU in Munich.

One singular amount has to be paid for the IT-manager for technical support and a same amount to the LMU (university in Munich) for content-support. The technical support will be given to guarantee the smooth running of the databank and website. The content-part will be given to send to interested people or parties the access information to the tool and to upgrade the information about it in the databank.

The consortial-partners are allowed to use the tool for 2 years free of charge and to offer it all interested educational and training institutions, enterprises and chambers in their own countries. The user-conditions create every partner alongside his/her requirements. This lasts from free-of charge- use until a specific amount which will be paid by the customer. The tool can be used by new customers for two months for free. Up from the third month a specific amount has to be given to the head of the consortium graduated alongside type and size of the organization. It covers the overhead and additional costs within the technical and the content support.

These amounts will be raised at providers and trainers, however not at learners (participants, apprentices etc.). Additional services as coaching or training will be calculated by the trainers and providers separately. No partage has in that context to be transferred to the head of consortium.

Once a year all consortial-partners and the head of consortium get together at a commonly decided location to exchange findings and to suggest developments. The main goal will be to decide after 2 years, whether and how should be continued to work with the tool after this time. Therefore the 2nd meeting shouldn’t take place later than October 2014 to have enough time to transfer the results and to negotiate with the new contract. This should lead to a sustainable solution for the tool EduPlan. 

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