EduPlan - Educational Transition Planning

Eduplan is an Innovation Transfer Project from the European's Lifelong Learning Programme LEONARDO DA VINCI.
The goal of the project is to use the basic concept of SPEAK, develop it further and implement it in the field of dual education, vocational further education and by projects in the transition from school to profession. EduPlan thereby measures the quality of the actions taken within the educational institutions and in the interaction with networks as well as by education and furhter education within companies and by projects.
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EduPlan supports the quality improvement of education and training practices

The intention is to offer EduPlan as a basic planning tool for quality improvement to a broad range of providers in the field of informal and vocational education. Quality improvement measures resulting from the use of EduPlan can then be shared, leading to an increasing level of cooperation amongst educational providers.
Using Eduplan vor Evaluations

There are five types of evaluations you can do with Eduplan partly depending on the type of data you are using and on additional informations that are needed. The following possibilities are implemented:

  1. Descriptive Analysis of the questionnaires
  2. Analysis of change (time series analysis)
  3. Analysis using a reference group
  4. Analysis of correspondencies (=comparing answers genarally) between providers, trainers and learners)
  5. Analysis using a norm (benchmarking analysis)



In the context of the European programme of Leonardo da Vinci EduPlan  as innovation transfer project has been developed together with the chamber of commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria. Required was to create an instrument to measure quality assurance in the VET- and adult educational sector in educational institutions , enterprises and chambers of commerce.

EduPlan -  a web-based self-assessment tool
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This project is funded with support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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