Subgroupmeeting in Durham/UK on 13.07.2011

At this meeting it was to reach an agreement on the importance of the individual sets of questions within the questionnaire and determine which quality scheme is based.

Thus, representatives of the English and German partner met:

Dr. Jutta Thinesse-Demel, LRD, Germany
Prof. Thomas Eckert, subcontract: Evaluation, Germany
Dr. Joachim Borner, LRD, Germany
Martina Zienert, LRD, Germany
Martin Schütz, OTEC, Germany
Giovanna Keßling, OTEC, Germany
Peter-Richard Krug, LRD, Germany
Jeanette Stephenson, Durham County, UK
Fiona Faill, Durham County, UK
Michelle Stone, Durham County, UK



It was a very vivant discussion. The following topics were discussed respectively focussed on:

1. different conventions on education and lifelong learning

2. different understanding of English expressions going alongside the different conventions in UK

3. difficulties with trainers in UK who were not acquainted to the use of questionnaires on quality; they resist in the beginning to fill it in due to the fact that they were anxious to maybe loose their jobs. Most of them are not fixed employed.

4. some formulations are unclear (Germany) and doubled (Germany/ UK)

5. a workshop was installed with 2 groups; in each at least 1 UK participant: discussion on single questions of one chapter. German and UK-participants explained to each other how they understand the relevance of the questions. After this discussion the questions were modified alongside a common understanding.

6.  the final decision was undertaken that UK will reshape the questionnaire in terms of formulations by taking into account the results aroused by the workshop and the common decision of the first work-package.

7. In the final round the good relationship was expressed and the wonderful way to find a common decision.

8. Jutta Thinesse-Demel confirmed to inform the other partners from the other countries about the proceedings and the results which was done in the meanwhile. France sent its consensus with the modified solution.

9. In the next meeting in Limerick in September a final common decision with the whole group should be undertaken in terms of formulations and reshaped contents.



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