Subgroupmeeting in Bari on 26.05.2011

The sub-group "Eduplan - instrument questionnaire", consisting for LRD (Dr. Jutta Thinesse-Demel), Nexus (Brian Dillino) and SVEB (Ruth Jermann), met in order to reduce the approximately 200 questions of the EDUPLAN instrument (as it was concluded by all the partners) to only about 120 questions. Those questions should have been tested at the first pilot project by carefully chosen participants of the target groups they were created for.
Unfortunately Brian Dillon had felt ill shorty before  that meeting so that only Ruth Jermann and Jutta Thinesse-Demel were able to meet in order to reduce the number of questions. That assortment was finished after 8 hours of work.

The results were the following:

Around 30% of all questions were commented in a very similar way (no matter which country that question came from) and only 10% of all questions were completely different!
We started to delete all questions that were not marked as being “necessary” while similar comments were all recognized and the questions adapted as to fit with all additional comments. Finally we took our time to care about the remaining 10%. 4% of those questions could be rescued by being edited by additional formulations. The remaining 6% were cared about by Jutta Thinesse-Demel after her return. She tuned those still differing, remaining 6% with every partner and was in the end able to add some modifications to the existing questions to make them usable for the data bank which is now consisting of 120 questions. These 120 questions were now ready for the first pilot run done by 3-8 subject-specific deputies per country. That first pilot run was held from 15th of June 2011 to 1st of October 2011.
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