Kick-off meeting in December, 2nd and 3rd 2010 in Munich

On the 2nd and 3rd of December 2010 representatives of all partner organizations met in the premises of the Otto Eckart foundation in Munich for the kick-off of the project EduPlan.

The agenda included a short description of all partner organizations as well as a detailed introduction of the innovation transfer project EduPlan. In the call for applications in 2010 68 applications were filed for innovation transfer projects. Out of 30 chosen projects EduPlan is one in the field of quality. Decisive for the acceptance of the project proposal was above all the sustainability of the product to be created, the convincing business plan and the inclusion of important stakeholders – here especially the CCI – in the project.

EduPlan is based on the innovation project SPEAK. As a self-evaluation instrument SPEAK supports the measurability of project outcome and illustrates the strengths and weaknesses of a project in a quantifiable way. The goal of the project EduPlan is to use the basic concept of SPEAK in a sustainable way and to transfer it to educational networks, trainer, preceptors, chambers and companies.

Subsequent to the presentation of the self evaluation instrument SPEAK by Brian Dillon (Ireland) the partners worked out the individual demands on EduPlan for the various target groups in the individual partner countries in workshops.  EduPlan shall be used to evaluate the course of action, development and quality assurance in three areas of application: dual education, vocational further education and projects in the field transition school – occupation.



The “Guatemala evening” - a German – Guatemalan traditional costume feast - to which the partners were invited to by the partner Foundation Otto Eckart formed an atmospheric end of the first day.



The second day of the project meeting was used to work out the individual work packages and for task distribution until the next meeting. Administrative and financial stipulations were explained and agreements reached concerning evaluation and controlling.



 The next project meeting takes place on the 1st and 2nd of April 2011 by the French partner Sicfor-FCF in Tours.

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