LMU Munich: International comparison of the transitions "school to work" and "back to work"

Education at a glance 2011
OECD-Indikatoren, OECD 2011
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Transition „school to occupation“ and „reentry into work” in the region Dessau-Roßlau

A detailed description of the transition „school to occupation“ and „reentry into work” in the region Dessau-Roßlau is given in this report.  The special regional problems such as a mismatch in supply and demand of apprenticeship places and a lack of transparency concerning support opportunities for the youth are examined. The role and actions of the Federal Employment Agency  and of the Municipal Employment Agency in this context are treated. Examples of professional orientation and counseling and the present practice in the field are portrayed, e.g. the new programme Learning on Place.

In chapter four the interesting new development of reentry into work caused by the unification of East and West Germany is pictured. As a result considerable adjustment to the situation on all sides has been necessary. Qualification absolved in the former East plays a part as well for those older than 45. Due to the situation there has been an abundance of support programmes and further education taking place. Further education, however, is often absolved under the pressure of sanction.  


Transition "school to work"

The report  „Germany: Transition school to work“ pictures the transition situation of the youth of today in Germany as a whole and on a regional level of the federal state of Bavaria, with a special comparison of the transition situation of German and migrant youth in Munich. The three established transition paths after school are described: the dual and vocational education system, the universities and the transition system. Moreover an overview is given to the employment situation for the youth. The same scope is followed on all three levels, from the national and regional down to the city of Munich. An extensive statistical annex with 19 tables of transition data on all levels is included. The whole report can be found below.


Transition back to work of mothers

The report „Germany: Transition back to work of mothers“ views the situation women face when returning to work after parental leave. It takes a look at recent developments on the labour market such as the growth of part-time jobs and the new regulations concerning parental leave.

A closer attention is given to the single parents on a national and regional level. This family type has grown with 20% in the last 15 years and often faces bigger difficulties by the re-entry into the labour market. The transition activities of the city of Munich for mothers returning to work are described as well.  Below the report can be viewed or downloaded to your PC.

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